Simply, more and more fan interaction.

We asked our DJs and fans what we needed - and we've worked on fan interaction, ease of use, and simplicity. Furthermore, we've also added powerful new features such as:

Gig Notifications

Ever found out a week later that your favourite DJ was playing at your local and you missed it? Now, ClubWire will notify you when your DJs are playing near you.

All feeds in one.

Never miss anything that your favouriter DJs are doing. ClubWire pulls Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud feeds of all your favourite artists into one easy to view feed.

Find More Gigs.

We want our DJs to have the best opportunity to make a living and be able to apply as much time into producing great music. ClubWire allows DJs to find new gigs by allowing venues to upload available set times - and if it's within your region, you'll even get notified that there's a set available. Then, with a click of the button you can apply, and if accepted, the gig is automatically added to your calendar.

Your Calendar. Simplified.

ClubWire makes it easier than ever to keep track of your gigs. You can auto-accept gig requests with our inbuilt live messaging service, or add them yourself.

All your tunes. Anywhere.

The ClubWire Player sits above the app and allows you to use all parts of the app whilst listening to your favourite artists. Even better, the app continues to play in the background.

Your Own Pocket Agent.

ClubWire's vision is to become the ultimate tool for DJs and fans alike.
We are working hard to bring features such as auto-generated graphic designs and automatic gig finding.